Diversify Your Cloud Mining

A Few BitCoin Investments to Consider

The following are the cloud mining sites that have proven to be reliable for me.


A new outfit in Sweden is taking advantage of relatively cheap hydroelectric power and the cool temps in their part of Sweden.  They’re building a mining farm, just down the road from KNC.  Initial GHS was S5’s and they’re supposedly taking pre-orders on SP50’s soon.

They have three offerings available at the moment, straight 1 year contracts for sha256 ghs (Shares) and 1 year contracts that also have company shares with them (Shares Extra).  The company shares will receive an equal share of 25% of the company’s yearly profits.

The third option is S7 shares, in various package offerings.

(1/2016) Tommy went to BitMain in China to negotiate a better deal on equipment.


Hashnest is run by BitMain, the manufacturers of the S type bitcoin asics.  Lately I have been toying with their S5 offerings.

S7 GHS is now available on hashnest market.


One of the lowest paying, and by far the most reliable, cloud mining service available.  Payouts are like clockwork.  My affiliate code there is HGkVIC (used at checkout time for a slight discount)

They offer both lifetime contracts and 1 year contracts.  The lifetime contracts have a longer ROI but will last until their maint fees are higher than their output.  The 1 year contracts have a shorter ROI and cost a bit less.

X11 Scrypt Mining MHS now for sale at Genesis!

Looking to pick up some x11 based coins?  A year contract runs without maintenance fees.

Genesis sold out of their initial X11 Mhs, they have it offered for sale at this time, check for availability.


Genesis is offering outrageously expensive mining shares for Ethereum mining. You can build a significantly more powerful mining computer for the price they’re asking on their contracts.

Looking for a Gamble?


After over a year and still going strong, one has to wonder how HashOcean is really pulling it off. I finally jumped in with 60KHS, 75 when you count the bonus 15KHS.



B11 Update:

There is a new video posted on the main bw.com page.  In that video the B11 investment option is explained as follows.  B11 investments will pay back the principle at a zero fee rate.  Once the principle is paid back an electricity fee is charged and the mining rewards are split 50/50 with bw.com

Definitely do the math before investing!

The B11 hardware is comparable to S7’s at hashnest, BW is the third largest mining pool on the blockchain. Their english translations (flag in the upper right of the page) are not the best, nor are they complete.  Their efforts have been improving and it’s easier to navigate the site now.

The B-11 is .76/ths vs. Hashnests 1.?/ths.  It’s pre-mine shares currently for sale.  The pay is only interest at this point.   Interest is .000312/.01ths/day until actual mining starts, Jan 2016.

The power rating is the same per ghs as S7 and with the cheaper buy in, the idea is that these will retain more value after the next BTC halving.

Minimum transaction is .01 Ths


This site is no longer reliable: Scrypt.cc was the highest paying scrypt cloud mining site before a number of issues arose.  The site still struggles on with rock bottom pricing, low payouts, absentee administration and a problematic withdrawal process.

Still, the pricing is a good gamble if/when the site ever comes back to its former glory.

Whatever your choice ends up being, I wish you the best in the wild wild west that’s cloud mining services.

Keep it Clean!